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Scientific research on trance state and its different applications for well-being and creativity

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PET scan at CHU de Liege


TranceScience pursue scientific research, while exploring the potential applications of trance in a variety of fields

Corine Sombrun - TranceScience conference with Beaux-Arts students


A university curriculum on the study and practice of trances has been developed in partnership with TranceScience

Corine Sombrun & Nadine Kreisberger - Conference Google Talks - 03/11/2017


TranceScience organises conferences and webinars on trance states and their applications.

About TranceScience Research Institute

Fundamental research on brain structure & activity

Trance states have been practiced for millennia in most human cultures, providing healing and guidance to communities. Today neuroscience is rediscovering those states as fundamental capabilities of the human brain, with potentially powerful impacts for our well being and creativity.

TranceScience is at the forefront of this integration of ancient wisdom and contemporary science, with three themes: neuro-scientific fundamental research of trance states; exploration of the psychological, psychiatric, therapeutic and creative applications of those states; teaching and training individuals and groups to access those states without the need for external substance or stimuli.

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